Drone Filming in Clackmannanshire

Drones are more formally known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

Companies filming with drones in Clackmannanshire should:

  • Only hire a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) licenced pilot / company. If they are licenced they should have a valid "Permissions for Aerial Works" certificate. If the pilot is not licenced they will not be insured or have public liability cover and they are not allowed to work/provide commercial services.

Drone pilots / companies should provide an up to date copy of their public liability insurance prior to permissions being given.

  • A pilot cannot fly a drone directly over people, roads or buildings which have not given permission from the person and/or landowner. Drones can fly directly over or near people who are deemed "under control" - for example, actors, presenters, extras. In this instance all would need to be safely briefed and aware that they are going to be filmed by drone.
  • Drones can fly up to 400ft (Restricted air space starts at 500ft).
  • Drones cannot be flown at night (or out of daylight hours) unless the company has special permissions for night time flying.
  • Using a drone to record images of other people without their consent could be construed as a breach of the Data Protection Act or the CCTV Code of Practice which was recently extended to include public use of drones where they are collecting information about individuals.
  • All qualified drone pilots should complete a site assessment prior to any filming. The responsibility of any flight and its legalities rests with the drone operator and if the CAA conditions are broken, this may invalidate their insurance policy.

We encourage all film makers using drones to visit the CAA website - flying unmanned aircraft section, in order to review the most recent legislation and best practice guidelines.